Web Designing is something that needs a great creativity, dedicated time, workmanship and professionalism.

Website Designing is something that needs a great creativity, dedicated time, workmanship and professionalism. A Web Designer creates presentations of content those are normally hypertexted and then delivered client by the World Wide Web.

WebCray Technology provides a huge number of website designing services from initiation to completion. Feeling proud to announce that, we have many websites for different types of businesses those are successfully fulfilling the target for which they have been made for. With the rising trend of the internet, various companies are highly looking forward for this medium to boost their business.

Eyeing on this, WebCray Technology come up with portal development solutions which is the proven way to bring different web-based applications to one point in order to support the delivery of information and services by the system which is user-friendly, effective and unique. Through this system, users can easily access the information which is vital.

Tendency of a Reputed Web Designing Company.


Navigation bars should be easily understandable and easy to use

Every pages should be properly linked with the navigation bar

Navigation buttons and bars should show the real position of the visitors that means on which page they have landed

A site map in a website is considered as the best feature of user-friendliness


Color of text should be contrast to the background

Text should be easily readable and easily understandable

Columns should be well aligned by which a reader will feel comfortable to read


Links color should be well coordinated to the site color

Links should be underlined as a result a visitor can read that easily


Every graphic link has a matching text link

Buttons shouldn’t bigger and geeky

Graphics and backgrounds should use browser-friendly colors

General Design

Pages should be navigated quickly even with low band internet connectivity

Using good quality graphic elements those are useful to break large area of text

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